Group Consultation

I periodically offer group consultation in EMDR for therapists who have completed EMDR Therapy Basic Training.


This consultation group is for therapists who are using EMDR in their practices and want to consolidate their learning and advance their skills. The goal of the group is to ensure that therapists have strong skills for EMDR case conceptualization and treatment planning, for flowing smoothly through all of the phases of trauma reprocessing, and for handling "stuck" points and difficult moments in trauma reprocessing. The focus is on mastery of the standard protocol and application to a variety of clinical presentations. Participation may be counted toward EMDRIA-Approved Certification in EMDR.


emdr advanced CASE consultation group

The Advanced Consultation group is for therapists who have completed the Case Consultation/Certification group or who are EMDRIA Certified. This group is an opportunity to explore advanced topics in EMDR Therapy with other experienced EMDR therapists. Topics may include complex trauma, dissociative disorders, personality disorders, and/or complicated grief.

The body in EMDR: Case Consultation

This group is specifically for therapists who have completed The Body In EMDR: Essential Skills training.  It builds on those skills, giving participants an opportunity to reinforce their learning and apply it to their own cases.

If you are interested in participating in a consultation group, please contact me so that I can let you know when the next group is offered.